Loyalty Rewards

Insider loyalty badge
Star loyalty badge
VIP loyalty badge

Enrollment Bonus (1000 points)

Earn points per every $ spent

2x 3x 5x

Personalized shopping experience with an Account Executive

Access to Double Points Event

Early Access to New Arrivals

Early Access to Sale Events

Exclusive Seasonal Offers

Merchandise Giveaways

*Eligible on only online purchases excluding freight through By Together starting 02/28/22. Only CC purchases can be eligible for loyalty rewards; excluding orders with discounts and other promotions. Purchases made through 3rd-party wholesale sites are NOT eligible for redeeming rewards even if viewable on ‘My Accounts’ history. Points are posted within 7 business days of invoice purchase. All returns and credits are subject to point deduction. Download our Apple Store App for additional bonus rewards. Contact our customer support team for more information.

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