Shipping Policy

When do you ship orders?

Our warehouse ships “as ready” daily (barring holidays). This means we’ll get your order to you as soon as possible. It is mandatory all orders have a credit card on file. If you need to update your credit cards information, please contact [email protected] and we will email you a link to update your credit card information.

Can my order ship the same day it is placed?

If you have a time-sensitive order, make sure you contact us directly in order to ensure we are able to ship your merchandise out the same day. Depending on when you submit your order and if the items are in stock, it is possible to ship the same day. However, please call our Customer Service Department at +1 (213) 444-0922 for real-time status.

How can I track my package once it has shipped?

On the upper right side of your invoice, you will see a tracking number. Invoices are emailed EOD to the invoice default email we have on file for your account. Please reach out to our Customer Service Department at [email protected] or call +1 (213) 444-0922 to update your invoice email address.

Why did my orders ship separately?

Our warehouse works to combine shipments processed on the same day. However, given our “as ready” shipping policy, this may mean your order was partially ready. Orders made through third-party vendors such as Faire and Fashion Go cannot be combined with By Together orders. 

Why was I charged freight?

For all shipments, the buying party is responsible for all shipping costs. If your order was supposed to receive free shipping due to a online promotion, please let us know and we will gladly credit you!

Claims for freight must be made within 30 days after receipt of merchandise and should be submitted to Customer Service at [email protected]. If your freight request has been approved, a credit memo will then be issued and a refund to the original payment method. 

If shipments are rejected and returned without an RA, a bill for freight will be issued. Given our “as ready” shipping policy, this means if there is an item you do not wish to keep, it must be cancelled prior to being processed for shipment.

What carriers do you use to ship orders?

We ship via UPS, for reliable shipping methods. We will ship merchandise via FedEx upon request. We DO NOT ship via United States Postal Service (USPS) unless it is an international shipment or specifically requested.

Can you drop merchandise off to consolidators and/or distributors in L.A.?

Yes, we do provide a free delivery service to consolidators and distributors around Los Angeles County. Reach out to our customer service team to make sure your consolidator and/or third-party label changer is within our free delivery service.

Are my items still on backorder if I have not received them?

Yes, all styles that are not shipped will remain on backorder unless cancelled by the buyer in writing via email or the vendor cancels the style due to being “sold out.” To check your order status, go to my accounts on

Can I choose to ship my order on a certain date?

Yes, if an item is coming in earlier than your desired arrival date, please note a desired start ship date on your order upon submission. If you have multiple items on your order but only wish to request a start ship on certain styles, please submit multiple orders corresponding with your desired shipping date.

How do cancel dates work?

If you place an order online, a cancel date is NOT mandatory. However, a cancel date should be applied to your order at the time of check out if you do NOT wish to receive merchandise after a certain date. Cancel dates also cannot be set before an item(s) actual ETA online.

My packing list does not match the goods, what do I do?

Reach out to us at [email protected] if anything seems out of the ordinary or missing immediately/within 5 days of receiving the shipment and we’ll work on resolving the issue.

What happens if my package gets lost?

By Together is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen packages. Once shipments leave our facility the carrier is responsible. If you would like to add declared value to your shipment please contact our customer service team before shipping. Declared value fee is subject to carrier rates. 

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